• The Hittite Capital Hattusa
As well as Alacahöyük, Gölpınar Hittite Dam (the largest and oldest known dam in Asia Minor), Kalınkaya quarry, Kalınkaya Taştoptepe Tumulus, and the ruins of Kalehisar and Behramşah Complex (Külliye), the first book of the Ancient Cities series also describes the another capital Shapinuwa, where the Hittite kings resided, and which was discovered in the most recent excavations, the Settlement of Pazarlı, Eskiyapar Tumulus, the hill of Hüseyin Dede, and the Early Bronze Age Settlement and Cemetery of Resuloğlu. The Museum of Boğazköy is a pit stop for all travellers willing to discover the mysteries of the Hittite world, and is covered in detail, as well as the Museums of Alacahöyuk and Çorum. The map of the region guides travellers with a detailed route plan of Hattusa and plans of important buildings, assisting in finding your way in the roads of Hattusa.   
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The Hittite Capital Hattusa

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