• Coming soon in bookstores / Hierapolis (Pamukkale) Laodicea and Surrounding Area / Current 2nd Edition

           Throughout its existence, the city of Hierapolis and the travertine pools formed by the thermal springs have fascinated local residents, passers-through and travellers. Travellers passing along the main street have caught their breath at its magnificent monumental fountains (nymphaeum), and the city’s public baths, fed by thermal waters, have provided healing as well as cleansing and purification. Due to these features of Hierapolis, it was showered with praise in an inscription engraved on the diazoma of its theatre as “...Sacred, golden city, Hierapolis! The foremost land of broad Asia; revered for the rills of the nymphs; adorned with splendour...” (Translated: T. Ritti).

            The “Sacred, golden city...” of Hierapolis is explored with detailed guiding information, photos, drawings, maps and plans. Following the introduction, chapters on the surroundings of Hierapolis including Laodicea, Apollonia Salbace, Sebastapolis, Heraclea Salbace, Heraclea Hieron on the south; Colossae on the outskirts of Mount Cadmus (Honaz) on the southeast; Aphrodisias, Attouda and Trapezopolis founded on the outskirts of Mount Salbacos (Babadağı) on the southwest; Tripolis at the intersection of River Lykos (Çürüksu) and the Meander (River Menderes) on the northwest, and the Temple of Apollo Lairbenos, Beycesultan Höyük (Mound) and the ancient settlement of Eumeneia on the northeast as well as caravanserais, mosques, baths, shrines and other examples of civil architecture carrying the traces of the Seljuk and the Ottoman periods to the present day have all found a place among the pages of the book.

               It is a unique experience to explore the traces of civilizations in this special geography. Follow the call of Hierapolis that is “the master of the nymphs, adorned with magnificent waters…”, and hit the road.

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Coming soon in bookstores / Hierapolis (Pamukkale) Laodicea and Surrounding Area / Current 2nd Edition

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